Monday, December 14, 2009

Be who you were born to be

I have recently heard of Self Esteem as comprising four components - Personal Power, Significance, Values and Self Confidence.
How are we doing in each of these?

It dawned on me that this was an important place to come back to with our conscious creation work. We have acknowledged that we are hugely creative beings attracting experiences, health or illness, success, love, people and things into our lives. I, for one, have developed a vision board which has world peace, someone to love every person and animal, wish lists for specific friends and clients right through to a wonderfully massive, orderly log pile and other personifications of love and warmth!
But we should have the same clarity about who exactly is doing the attracting.

Through energy clearing, we have acknowledged and released our old concepts of self, limited by memory and saddened by a mistaken sense of separation. There is a new sense of hope and possibility. Many feelings of need have gone and a lot of attachment to particular roles and identities. This is good, it means we have almost a clean slate; good health, a fantastic ability to respond and even easy access to our soul and other remembered guidance.

Paradoxically, this is the exact time for us to consciously create a new self; Powerful in its connection to nature's infinite organizing power, Significant as a representation of love and acceptance, Values totally apparent through its great clarity of intention and Confident in its complete realization and fulfillment. So its back to the drawing board to state clearly who we were born to be...and then, no doubt, be it!

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