Sunday, September 1, 2019

Water Poem - How to raise the vibration of tap water

There is no such thing as a secret cove anymore

Wanna know what I think 
Of the water we drink?
A precipitation
Needs Reciprocation
Pour back love is the link.

Immersion in water is also good; negative ions, synapses, a wake up call

We ventured to the wells
What now in bottles sells
All water stations
Require incantations
Of Gratitude, she tells.

Ceramic coasters to purify water

Water I respect you
Water I say thank you
Water I am grateful
From aquifer we pull
Less pleut in France, here too.

'Pleut' is 'rain' in French...Windy and Magic discussing the weather

Every jug from the tap
Should sit on a mat
A coaster with a word 
With resonance or a bird
A new structure will map.

All my favourite resonant words and associated birds, amphibians, plants and animals

To raise the frequency
Please have the decency
To care and contemplate
The toxins to negate
Then offer clemency.

Bird flies overhead - auspicious sign!

A clement climate change
Affected and in range
With our ability
If fallibility
Energetic exchange

Clare and I on a water mission

Give the love, keep the peace
Protective like the geese
Breathe clarity anew
Sing, water I love you
All other inputs cease. 

Clare and I on a music mission

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