Friday, September 13, 2019

Activist Art 2018

The Tate Gallery: "The aim of the activist artist is to create art that is a form of political or social currency, actively addressing cultural power structures rather than representing them or simply describing them."

January 2018

Submission to Social Care Services: over the refusal to return foster children to their parents, even when appropriate to do so, through court hearings and years of separation caused by incentivising the keeping of the easier foster kids (the ones who are no trouble and were supposed to be just temporarily away while a relationship broke down or decent housing was found etc) and who could go home - to the tune of over €400 a week.

Submission to Irish and UK governments re animal welfare legislation: over the removal of the statement of animals’ sentience, from law.


4) Submission to Early Years International Commission: over the plan to introduce schooling from 1-3years and advertise public tenders to run these infancy and toddler units. The tender process precludes kindergartens, pedagogies and non-profit organisations from winning contracts by requiring applicants to have existing big financial contracts.  

5) Artwork

6) Analysis and sharing of the Economic Policy proposed by the Humane Party in America: A complete system change, excluding the exploitation of animals and demonstrating an inevitable and instant 1% increase in economic stability around the world. And other major benefits for the environment and public health.

7) Artwork


 1) Submission to TDs and UK MPs: regarding unnecessary and increased Animal Testing in Universities  

2) Artwork 

3) Garden Design

4) Artwork

5) First draft novel: Vegan Federation

6) Hare Coursing Demonstration posters, attendance and letter to government to ask that the licenses are revoked to capture hares every year (10,000). The wild Irish Hare is a national emblem and registered an endangered species. They are kept in boxes for months before the coursing championships where two dogs are set on a hare on a race track. Banned in every country but Ireland as barbaric. 2019 saw the revoking of licenses at last. 

7) Harmony Hall Conscious Creations; concepts include development of veggie accommodation and organic growing and food.

8) Investigate empty property scheme of Kilkenny Council. Find that it consists of a substantial reduction of the exorbitant rates for one year only and then it's much of a muchness. 

9) Analyse niche Food business in Kilkenny and Carlow. Over crowded with restaurants but no organic, vegan or vegetarian or raw health offerings. (That changed with Helen Costello's Lovely Raw cafe in Ormond Street.


1) Booked for a long display of artwork - 12 large pieces

2) Water research on fluoride added to Irish mains water. Study of scientist, Dr Emoto's theory that water holds memory and therefore  how the frequency of water can be raised and impurities eliminated, using one's own consciousness.

3) Had rubber stamps made of 'resonant words' written in intentional writing to use for ceramic coasters.

4) Article to Consciousness Magazine; About Sacred Geometry, the vesica pices and Plato's water symbol

5) Art Sale as Fundraiser for PAWS animal rescue.
Interview on SE Radio.  

6) Off-grid solution. Water turbine research. Movement to find alternative to ESB mega cables and pylons criss-crossing the county.  Wider battle to stop Ireland being made into a power station for Europe with out of date, inefficient and dangerous-to-health wind farms. 

7) Pipes in for turbine

8) Magic night at the exhibition opening and dinner and organic wine for 40 people 

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