Thursday, August 29, 2019

Because I'm worth it!

Eating my last slice of raw bannoffi pie, somehow at the optimum defrost: Like a Viennetta! 
So the base is oats and walnuts, then a date paste, then slices of banana, then a whipped up coconut cream layer and finally the raw cacao and maple syrup. 

I know, I know, not all sourced here but what I want to know is how do other raw eaters serve their food?

If it's a dessert, each layer softens at a different rate so many of mine I have like organic ice-cream, 10 minutes out of the freezer, just once the flavours can be detected again. 

Savouries, I warm up a few degrees for a few minutes to dry them out at bit, especially things like my raw pizza.

Has anyone cracked a system to produce something deluxe and raw that doesn't fall apart when fully defrosted?!

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