Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Best of Kilkenny Arts Week

Rosemarie Durr Pottery in Castlecomer is still my favourite shop in the county. Everyone loves her signature duck egg blue glaze but I love the fact that when she strains to break free and really run wild with the full spectrum of colours in nature...she adds a little green!

I can't get past this one of Andy Ludick's. If I was royalty and goodness knows we are all kings of our own castles, I would serve up smoothies in this at breakfast and Bob Marley cocktails every evening.

For the moment, it's super noodles in a very fine bowl!
The whole Made In Kilkenny craft group have their work in Butler House, Patrick Street, for the festival - Carl Parker's Jewellery being the most beautiful display. Other wonderful sights you have to see are in the Mill in Thomastown, of Baurnafea Willow works and Pottery.

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