Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Simon Coveney Repeatedly Shafts The Farmers and like a Bad Husband, They Still Love him

Not For Long... I Hope All Ireland Will Wake Up In Time

30% of Farmers on the poll (pole) today said they still love him.

Bit like an abusive husband?
All the signs are there:

1) He treats me bad but I love him
2) He makes all the decisions and never considers anyone else
3) He's insecure and sends his friends down to check up on me every ten minutes, on the pretext of checking tags and testing for TB but doesn't like it when we ask him where the BSE came from last year.
4) Or why he let the processors drop the price of animals by 40% in one move
5) Or why he covered for those big money boys and protected their deals but screws everyone else, be they four legged or two.

The man has gone to the dark side. Can farmers not see that? Or are they so cowed that they think their loyalty will count for something.

Oh yes, he just encouraged them to expand and get into more debt. I suppose they want him in place to come good on those America/China deals.

Cut your losses and reduce your herds. This is the message of Ear To The Ground last night. One guy who went organic saved himself 40,000 euro in the first year, just on fertilizer. He reduced his herd from 160 to 120 but now gets 60c per litre rather than 30c per litre he was getting for his non-organic.

Follow the man with a plan in Meath, Manchan Magan. A candidate for the Green Party. Now they would offer farmers a sustainable and valued use of their time, money and land.

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