Friday, February 5, 2016

Manage your own Exposure to Wifi Micowave Energy

No. 1 Health Advice Tonight 

Wifi signal is 2 million hertz more powerful than your Electrics Electro Magnetic charge.

Turn off your router when you're going to bed. Electricity registers in the 50 hertz range, wifi registers in the 2-4 gigabyte range. That makes wifi 2 million hertz more damaging to your body. Yes I know those signals are everywhere but make sure they're not homing in on you.

Use a Lead to Your Computer

I use a lead now and only wifi when guests are here. Before you go to a doctor with headaches, fibre neuralgia, stress or a life threatening disease don't look any further than your internet. We can mind ourselves a lot better than we are. Talking of guests. I had a couple here who designed mobile phones. They said, having worked all over the world, companies are only interested in designs that are smaller and faster. It was never in their remit to make one that was more safe to use, with less microwave and radiation emission.

 More Speed but No More Safe

So, yet again, that means the industries aren't looking out for you. We must do that for ourselves. Do you remember when Veronica Geeran was killed. The most damaged side of the brain was where she had held her mobile phone constantly. So talk on speaker if you have to talk at all and then catch up properly face to face! Its old fashioned I know, but worth it! Also, turn off the internet on any phones you have by your bedside, or otherwise they will be looking around for a signal too all night.
Even hearing this information again now, will be part of your healing….if you can let it change the way you mind yourself.
Be well!

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