Friday, February 5, 2016

Get Independent: Off the Medical Card, Social Security, ESB and The other Demeaning Institutions to Human Life

Health Advice Tip, numero duo! 

Rely On Yourself

Physical Self Reliance
Rely on yourself. Interestingly, the first step you can take right now is to engage your abdominal muscles. Yes, your stomach muscles, commonly called Your Core can hold you all together, instantly raising your posture and sense of self mastery. 30 seconds minimum at a time, is what is needed to develop core strength and evenually tone. Sinead Keaskin told me this once and she would know as a super-experienced and brilliant ballet teacher!
Emotional Self Reliance
Then rely on yourself for your own emotional state. Choose joy and peace. If its not fun, don't do it.
Mental Independence
Then rely on yourself mentally. It matters not what others think of you, only that you can create and sustain a respectful relationship with yourself. In other words, have the strength of your convictions.
Spiritual Clarity
Then get independent, spiritually. That will mean facing the fears and negative interference objectively and directly. It also makes it your job to remind yourself that you are a being that is greater than your parts and of unquestionable value.
Freedom From Society 
Then tackle the institutions. Get your own generator and micro turbine, get off the ESB. Grow your own organic food, get out of the retail industry. Start making stuff and doing what you're good at and get off the social security. Prioritize your own healthy balance of work, rest and play and get off dependence on the Health Service and medical card.
Journey At Harmony Hall in The Direction of Self-Sufficiency
I have been interested in all these things for years and it is not 100% easy to extricate yourself from generations of conditioning and institutionalization. I built a geodome, it blew down. I arranged a water turbine and couldn't get the loan. I came off the dole, went back on it again to a lesser extent. But its the dignity of independence and living in keeping with your own learning that will kick start your recovery to all that you can be and all that life is supposed to be…so start today!

Off Grid Efforts Renewed

In celebration of a big step towards being off the grid, here is my Stanley Cooker that arrived this morning, with Cupid and Don Juan already sunbathing in front of it!

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