Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pre-election message 3 "For those with a mortgage" and 4 "For those who work for charitable concerns"

This podcast covers everything I've found out at the Think Tank here, in regard to what the current government have done and plan to do to mortgage holders. What to bear in mind and what sort of government will guarantee the roof over your head.

Important information to hear before you vote if you work for a charitable organization

This podcast exposes how the current government has set about privatizing all the organizations that endeavor to offer a social function. Charities for example and state facilities for example. How they are being starved of public money. The large public tenders are going to ill-equipped private companies who intend to profit rather than offer a service. This is happening to services for the most vulnerable in society and it is happening across the board. Part of the reason is the structure of local councils, who's management do not even need to tell the elected councillors that a public tender is coming up, let alone allow their participation in the decision process. Only if we have a Dail made up of Independents, Green Party, Direct Democracy, Anti Austerity Alliance and People Before Profit, will we have the transparency to expose this misuse of public money and insist that the actual process changes in favour of the charitable organizations that are actually motivated to help. Instead of public contracts worth hundreds of thousands going to private companies and charities receiving under 20,000 per year for epic, focussed undertakings, a new government would turn that around. Do not support any of the parties as they cannot and are not motivated to bring about change. There is simply no motivation among these parties to look at anything except the economy …. and what does that make the people? No more than 'the market' and the masses from whom taxes can be extracted. This last sentence came there and thereabouts from the not-for-profit organization The Peace Intention. For more clarity, contact Freya Lawton or download the handbook at And/or Listen in to my daily messages before the upcoming election on

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