Wednesday, December 16, 2015

To stop disgraced ABP monopolizing meat market and export write to TODAY!

ABP Deals Can Still be Stopped

This is a letter that could be cut and pasted or write your own…but do it today as otherwise it will be too late! The decision whether to allow the deal lies with The Competition and Consumer Protection Board today. ABP want to buy 50% of Slaney Foods which would give them 40% of the Irish Cattle Market and 40% of the Irish Sheep Market. Even farmer's are horrified. ABP brought in the horse meat, evaded tax in Luxemburg, sold meat to Saddam Hussein's regime, sells animals fattened on GM grain as organic etc etc etc.  And yes ABP stands for Animal Body Parts so they are behind the BSE cases as well:

My complaint 

"Do not approve the deal for ABP to buy 50% of Slaney foods this week. Or for them to represent the Irish Brand as first exporter to the USA since the ban was lifted. If you do, you will be stitching up all the farmers, the Irish brand and industry and going against Consumer rights, seeing as Larry Goodman director of ABP has been already charged at a tribunal for food fraud, relabeling, selling one species as another.

This is the letter I sent to the head of Sisko, with whom ABP and the Minister have been doing the deal, including the articles so that they might yet refuse the export deal too. Many thanks for your consideration.

This address is given on the front of the Irish Farmer's Journal to register a complaint if you don't want the deal to go through. It says that the Consumer Protection Board has the decision in their hands, your hands, and you can stop it. Please stop it.
Barry Friends – Sisco and ABP

Meat Export Ban

Dear Sir, You must have seen your fair share of grim entrails but you are highly respected as the beef guru, in America and here in Ireland. I have to alert you as a leader of Sysco to put the ban firmly back in place on European beef-particularly Larry Goodman's operation ABP. Its not sustainable, its not any of the things it might say on the label.


This first US beef deal is with a man who's already been charged by a tribunal with fraud. That is Larry Goodman of ABP.

Ludicrous Agreed Suppliers to US

This is the list of agreed suppliers to US so far. Most are owned by Queallys and Larry Goodman (ABP and Dawn Meats too) No food safety, no transparency, tax evasion, several species in any one meal, changing labels.

BSE 2015

BSE isn't old news, more found this year.

Larry Goodman of ABP shouldn't be representing Irish Industry

More about ABP's Larry Goodman, deals with Saddam Hussein, horse meat and other species too.

Minister Coveney Protecting 15 million but Not The Environment

I understand that the deal is worth 15 million to Ireland and so you are not going to be told the truth by probably anyone else. My motivation is to extricate Ireland from these vast environmentally and financially disastrous commitments to produce animals for America, China and Japan.

Stop Exploiting Animals and licenses for Bad Practice

I'm afraid to say I don't believe we should be exploiting animals for any food, drinks, products or tests but that is besides the point. When you visited the sites, all the malpractice was covered up but your brand will be dragged down by association if the deal goes ahead.

Asking Sisko, the US Company agreeing the deal with ABP, to Resume Ban

I also gather that Sysco specialize in natural and organic foods. Larry Goodman is well known for buying calves, bred on organic farms, but then fattening them intensively with GM chemically-ridden grains before slaughter. I really appeal to your good judgement and ask that you believe not a word.

ABP wants to Buy 50% Slaney Foods, Stop Them with a complaint to

There is also a deal going through in the next couple of days, which you could play a part in stopping. ABP are set to buy more of a share of meat processing in Ireland. It will amount to 30% of cattle kills if its not stopped and 40% of sheep kills too. The farmers are extremely concerned as ABP are renowned for their shaming of the entire industry with their processing and repackaging illegal practices. The agricultural minister wants to let the deal, to give them this monopoly, go through, mainly to facilitate the deal with you. Please think again.

Many thanks

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