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Ireland's Political Avoidance - letter to delegates of the COP21

Thank you very much for opening COP21-Paris with the call for the creation of an International Court of Environmental Justice, to punish environmental crimes 
Please do not let Ireland, or any of the other countries, leave Paris without a commitment to stop Animal Agriculture. Ireland’s government is only protecting a corrupt industry.  It is, as you say, that greed has become our worst nightmare.

This is all the information I have in regard to Ireland’s current laws and business strategy. I hope it helps you and other good leaders press successfully for an international court that is powerful enough to charge corporations with ecocide, seize their assets and force governments to re-direct the money to sustainable food production and energy. Use of water in Animal Agriculture

Protected Disclosures Act

Ireland has a Protected Disclosures Act, since 2014, so that corruption can be exposed. It is not working. This year, disclosures were made to the Agricultural Minister himself and he arranged for the major illegal Food Fraud case to be thrown out of court. On the day of the court case, the same Minister for Agriculture was showing Chinese officials around the meat factories and saying what robust food safety systems Ireland has in place.  The case was never heard.

Agag Laws

This is a gagging law that protects Big Agribusiness by criminalizing people who record or monitor the activities, impacts and bad practice on factory farms.  There is a version of these laws here, in the criminalizing of all not-for-profit organizations and demonstrations.

Transatlantic Trade Partnership (TTIP)

The TTIP is still being negotiated between America and EU and would be a disaster. Corporate Lawyers could sue governments. An example of this: New toxic chemicals (by Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, BASF etc) are refused at first by the European Union, because they are so dangerous. Then the companies bring a counter claim on the grounds that it is anti-competitive to refuse their products a license. Their appeal wins and herbicides and pesticides are used indiscriminately. I understand your hitler comment in Paris as directors of these companies were recruited from hitler’s original team who ran similar experiments.

70% of soil on the planet is toxic now, whereas it was 40% twenty years ago. 

Governments are Owned by Corporations now

At the summit, please raise the problem of governments being owned by corporations now. In Ireland, our leading political party changed the laws so that the government does not have to disclose which businesses they get money from. This means that there is zero transparency and they protect the companies that finance their campaigns to get them into power. Making more profit for these stakeholders has become the only motivation for government policy, without consideration for the environment or people.

Agribusiness Ecocide

In terms of ecocide, animal agriculture has to be stopped. Over 50% of CO2 Emissions are from Animal Agriculture. The intensification of farming is still happening.  Almost all Ireland’s pigs are caged. They are fed antibiotics to keep them alive, which props up the massive pharmaceutical industry, as does the eating of meat full of antibiotics and other processing chemicals, which keeps the people ill and on medication too. The scale of animal agriculture is huge. In England alone, they slaughter over one million pigs every month; also 1.5 million sheep and nearly a million cows. In Italy, all meat and dairy are factory farmed. 71% of their antibiotics are sold to agribusiness. It is worse in America because there is big Pharma, big Ag and Monsanto has much of congress on his payroll. Please do not let the world leaders avoid the issue of animal agriculture.

Politics versus People

The people of the world are ready to try a plant-based diet and some of the big companies are ready to facilitate this change. For example Ireland’s Glanbia Dairy have invested millions into flaxseedchia, peas and soy products in America as the demand for vegan products now outsells their dairy products.

Ireland’s political representatives at the Paris summit really do not care at all about climate change and they have no intention to make changes. However, the Irish people are well informed and active. This means that the summit must find a way to make the commitments legally binding. With a global court process, it is totally possible but governments will have to be legally forced to act.

Energy and Fossil Fuels

Ireland has also let in Shell Petrol, who beat the community off the land and coast, over a fifteen-year fight. Shell bribed the local police, as in other countries, to do their dirty work for them. The government arranged for the courts to look harshly on protesters for the environment for better environmental law and paid the police millions in “over time” as an incentive to protect their financial interests.

The government as well are making Ireland into a power station for Britain. They are putting 100 metre high pylons and turbines the length and breadth of the country. Both of which are very detrimental to health.

Fracking for ‘natural gas’ is also becoming popular even though it uses between 2 and 5 million gallons of water to extract and 1000s of litres of water to clean. In addition, the underground water reserves are also polluted..

The Ocean Environment –Ask for Change to European ‘Open Fishing Quotas’

A Dutch-owned Super Trawler, using a Lithuanian Fishing Quota, is fishing off Ireland’s coast. It is 145 metres long and using sonar and nets that are hundreds of metres wide. They are emptying the seas of fish and all other life and creating dead zones. Fish cannot reproduce at the speed at which they are being exploited. These massive fishing boats are banned from other countries but Ireland lets any one profit off our Nature, animals and people. Ireland has become a tax haven which means that we have Nestle and all the pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies moving in, chem-trailing and contaminating all our resources. The run-off from the untreated animal waste is also polluting the water off shore.

Crimes Against Humanity

If the summit can agree to bring legal charges against corporations, on the grounds of Crimes Against Humanity, it would finance the changes we need to make globally. Poisoning food, destruction of habitat and modern day slavery are all there, in their supply chains. While you have the collective strength of all the elected world leaders, you can make laws that could charge for these crimes.

Seize Corporations Assets

A global court could seize the assets of corporations, on these grounds of crimes against humanity and ecocide. This would provide ample money to re-direct to environmentally responsible operations. For example, incentives and subsidies must be offered to support farmers re-purposing their land to grow crops organically.

In Ireland, our government’s agriculture department has even refused European grants for organic initiatives in the past. They said that organic farming was ‘on its way out’ in Ireland. That means that we are giving it up; that they are not interested in improving our environmental impact. The government is promoting chemical fertilizers. People were promised by the government that no genetically modified crops would be produced here, especially potatoes as they are the staple diet. Meanwhile, acres of genetically modified potatoes are a government-funded project here. They recruit foreign academics and scientists in the hope that the public will not find out.

Climate Instability
Just like America’s Al Gore said in his film ‘The Inconvenient Truth’, the weather has already become unstable. Ireland is being hit with storm after storm. I know that your country has suffered much more because of ignorance and greed of other countries. I am so sorry for that and I hope you get a powerful result at the summit. It is not just Ireland as there are many countries hell-bent on destruction. I really believe that the people are ready for change, responsible choices and less abuse. Please get a Court in place to enforce environmental laws and force the hands of the institutions.

Many thanks,
Frances Micklem   

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