Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beyond greedy, specifically abusive politics is all the rage here

I'll tell you something about Ireland's government: If you want a license or funding you're going to have to prove to them you're going to abuse the maximum amount of others. 
You're going to breed puppies to test chemicals on? Oh yes, be my guest.
You're going to take care of the stray dogs and horses by killing them immediately unless you can sell them on for something worse and you can offer this great service up and down the country? Oh yes, can we give you a several hundred thousand euro public contract for that!
You're going to use the 100 thousand to sponsor hare coursing? Oh yes, well don't worry, you can have that each year if it helps because it comes out of tax payers' money.
You want the 20 million, meant for social housing, to go to you at NAMA on top of your wages? Good thinking, its yours.
Oh sorry, that ban on live export of farm animals was inconvenient for you, tell you what, I've lifted that and not put any regulations in for any sort of care, hope it helps!
Can we have some subsidies to change our business to low carbon footprint? No we're not going to support anything 'unrealistic'. Instead we 'grow' the demand for meat and dairy and each time the floods hit we'll ask Europe for some relief funding.
These are a mix of Enda's and Simon's policies. Their maxim: maximum suffering for the maximum number. Maximum duplicity, maximum greed, maximum disregard for life, Well done protesters in Mayo. Say 'no way' to this breeding facility. Its absolutely horrible. Or maybe we should try reverse psychology on them. Tell them its not horrible enough, maybe they'll lose interest in the plans.
I watched Prime Time, "RTE Investigates", last night exposing all the public representatives who willingly negotiated a few quid to facilitate mock foreign companies to get planning permission for wind farms in their areas. The undercover footage was hilarious. They only covered the ethics of accepting money and didn't even mention the content which is that the whole Irish nation is united against wind farms and pylons - it is the most unwelcome energy policy ever. 
Everyone in Kilkenny is keeping fingers crossed that they will investigate Kilkenny next. The public representatives (bar just 2 of deep integrity) are colluding, unconscious wasters but the real sinister characters are the unelected council management. They are not affiliated to any party, they are not accountable to anyone, they hold the purse strings and nepotism doesn't even start to sum it up. This would be laughable if it weren't that all social funding for people and animals in any sort of difficulty are going to privately owned companies with no interest, bar the vested interests and the conflict of interests, in the service they're supposed to be offering.

To add horror to the mix, I watched Whistleblower…and was sorry I did initially as it was so violent. A true story, a female police office is sent for a private company to Bosnia 5 years after the war there ends. She discovers that trafficking of girls for sex was rife. 99% of the trafficking and abuse and violence was the military peace keeping forces, foreign diplomats from the UN and private security firms all of who are still employed by western governments for millions, but now deployed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the fastest rising industry in the world. Human trafficking. The problem is that our current government is gagging to join in conflict - even though Ireland is a neutral country, it is sending off groups to 'relieve French Military' so that they can bomb Syria. I realize with a sinking heart that human trafficking and sexual, violent abuse of anyone is right up their street - our government that is. This is a large scale liability unfolding and we need these incongruent, psychopaths out before they willfully destroy the environment and strip the last shred of humanity from the people.

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