Saturday, November 7, 2015

Might this help keep the Kilkenny County Council above board? We can only try!

Can I just say how exasperating and annoying KCLR Radio is. Its even more offensive as 200 and something of us spent three months last summer and much of the intervening year trying to protect Kilkenny, a medieval city, from destruction both of its heritage and environmental damage by the council themselves. KCLR pipe up every half an hour:  

'Here we have news from the Council, serving the people, preserving the heritage' 

Neither, no interest in either, actively doing the opposite of either, lying about both. In fact if you have a minute, could you sign this petition to get the Kilkenny Council to stream their meetings - so we can at least hear what decisions are being made and our Housing Tax spent on. 

See the new edition of Your Kilkenny, to understand the extent of the unapproved plans, the missing 2.7million that was never actually there, the medieval destruction, the ignorance and contempt of the majority of councillors themselves. Pretty much not serving the community and certainly not preserving the heritage as they push ahead with a modern bridge, deliberately neglect the 250 year old beautiful bridge where we all demonstrated, and now two roads - one that will land at the very foot of the Medieval cathedral and another sneaky one that crosses the medieval wall and St Francis Abbey, without planning permission, and the council refusing to do an archeology survey too. So where was I? 
Petition to stream Council Meetings on LIne This would be really good, thanks!

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