I was asked by Linked In to write a blog on "What is It Like To Be the Boss" so I went for it!
As the boss of Ireland's think tank, I have the responsibility to get reports out on everything under debate and looking at new legislation. This month it is for the Climate Summit in Paris. The report reads:
Causes of Climate Change & Ecocide
55% Animal Agriculture
15% Fossil Fuels
30% Chemicals – Agricultural and Pharmaceutical
5% Individual Wastefulness
Solutions: Courageous Politics
  1. Withdraw licenses and sue.      
  2. Redirect the $10 million a minute, paid by governments to fossil fuel companies in subsidies, to clean technologies and to aid countries already in drought or worse.
  3. Sue and heavily fine chemical companies and big agricultural operations for crimes against humanity and ecocide. Use the money to facilitate the changeover of farms from animal to crops and from the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and GMOs to non-spraying and gradually organic.
  4. Stop Food Waste – Food uncertainty can be addressed simultaneously. There are enough crops grown to feed 13 billion, 1 billion people need not go hungry. Many initiatives exist to support the reduction of waste at each level of the supply chains
Going beyond EPA requirements
Destroying the environment must first be criminalized. Litigating against environmentally destructive operations and prosecuting can finance the big transition ahead, to support individual growers in growing, chemical-free, what they are best placed to grow, in what remains of their climate and soil. 
There was recognition of small successes, one or two, out of many chemicals have been banned. This week's stopping of Keystone XL after 7 years’ battle and people risking life and limb to stop Shell in the Arctic and Ireland, but only successfully in the Arctic.
Discussions found that this is more grave than occasional battles won and more lost. World Leaders must flout the corporate agenda, the current laws, traditions, different cultures and beliefs. Use the independent research to support positive change in peoples' awareness and eating habits. Promote and support alternatives. Let the institutions decrease in power and let organizations that are capable of governing the planet and its resources come to the fore.
The Climate Summit is a great opportunity to take the power back from the corporations and banks before it is too late. There will be strength in numbers to shift the power balance. The people of Europe will support any authentic proposals to address climate change and would welcome the choice to buy food and other household products that contain no animal products, no chemicals and protect the environment. The people are ready to take responsibility for themselves. The question is can governments? If they penalize the financial power houses that dominate every country today, it would multiply the kudos of World Leaders a hundred fold. Social responsibility is found to be becoming very popular with voters.
It came time for me to #BetheBoss pretty much as soon as I had this Bio-Architecture space built. The principles of the geometry are to transcend polarity thinking, reconcile different priorities but, most significantly, work in partnership with Nature which, as you may know, also features consistently the Fibonacci spiral and is second to none at providing the conditions for a good life.