Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Complete detox for your health! How on earth can I only eat food that hasn't been processed, flavored or grown with chemicals?!

How to go about avoiding chemicals in your food and drink?
I think the way is to ask yourself what do you consume the most of? If its tea and coffee, get yourself a supply of organic tea bags and organic instant or real coffee to bring with you! Lidl have organic instant coffee, the Good Earth on Kieran Street and other Health shops have organic tea bags. Yes, everything is displayed beautifully in there but not all the teas are herbal with a wonderful little wisdom on each (I refer to the Yogi teas that are just magic mixes) You can still get, no problem, ordinary builders' black tea, but most importantly not sprayed with chemicals.

Just thinking about how many cups of tea I like in an average day has lead me to give up tea and coffee altogether until I have a few quid to source some organic versions. You might have thought that the World Health Organization report was saying to give up processed meat but what I realized was that its the chemicals in them that they've discovered with certainty cause the cancer. So if you want to be healthy you're going to have to knock all the chemicals on the head! Really take a good look at everything you eat and replace them.

Thinking about what you will do for booze this Christmas? I know I was! Highbank Orchards www.highbankorchards.com, just out the Callan road from Kilkenny, is a completely organic orchard. They make lovely Ciders, Brandy, Whiskey and Gin. They also do a natural sweetener Apple Syrup that they describe as a vegan honey, which is handy for me! It can go on to pancakes, into cakes, into hot drinks and is completely delicious.

So, Lidl do an organic instant coffee by Fairglode Fairtrade Highland, organic fruit and veg. The Little Greengrocer is packed with ONLY organic produce, so you'll be completely safe there. The Good Earth has loads of organic cleaning and household products, basics like organic beans, pasta, flours, crackers, sauces and treats aswell. Best of all, they will happily order in special foods that you want or need! Dunnes has a good organic vegetable section and their Free-From shelves have a good selection of Bunalun foods - all organic.

If you've been paid and you're getting shopping in with time to spare for the new regime, The Organic Supermarket deliver nationwide and they have absolutely everything that a usual supermarket has!
https://www.organicsupermarket.ie/product-category/baby-care/baby-food/ This link is to their baby food section as infants are the most fragile recipients of artificial ingredients. Lets start again for ourselves too.

I'm serious now, look a little more closely at all your breads, veg, tea, biscuits, potatoes, fruit and say to yourself, 'these are all chemically treated. This is not good'. Make a commitment to yourself to aim for organic alternatives asap.

Yesterday, for example, I had home-grown organic courgette and onions in a soup with vegan organic bouillon. With it, I had home made brown bread, made with organic flour, organic molasses and organic pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds on top. The sunflower spread was also organic. There were still several ingredients that weren't organic, the key is to try and also to get conscious about how we are looking after ourselves.

If you want a complete detox, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, I can do that for you at Harmony Hall or via Skype as a reading. See www.healingbyfranc..com for more info on the energy work that I do here for a clean slate for people!

Be well, Fx

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