Friday, May 22, 2015

Vote now, there's an hour or so left!

There is an hour and half to go, for the voting. If you are wondering and looking for a sign, then let me be the magic rook that flies from right to left at the crucial moment. First, vote for equality - vote yes to the changes in the constitution to allow same sex marriage. This isn't an opinion, its meant to be a reassurance that there will still be the rigorous arrangements for the agreement or refusal of adoption of children into that scenario. Don't worry about it, just know that anyone who choses to love anyone else is probably a good thing and those that take time to get to know the children that cross their path are a God send and a good few steps past many heterosexual couples.
Then there's the age of suitable presidential candidates for Ireland. Should it be reduced from 35 to 21? Intuitively I get a Yes. Goodness knows, we'll only actually vote for someone who makes sense, has the charisma and integrity to do the job so it would be no harm to be able to vote for the great-president-in-the-making that we notice and not be stopped by a random bit of legislation, if they're too young.
And Yes
If you're based in Kilkenny or Carlow then we're also voting for the right person here. If you don't know who any of them are and you're feeing that they're all suspect then let me just tell you the two I know to be one hundred percent sound, conscious and powerful: Cllr Breda Gardner and Cllr Malcolm Noonan.  Thank God those two exist at least. I would sleep easier about the future if I knew that either of those got in.

So, what I'm saying is, don't fall for the discussion of what should and shouldn't be allowed! You don't have any choice about the important reprobates. The big companies, the government as we speak, the local council managers, the ones we invite in to … provide job opportunities…. No thanks. Lets get a yes/no vote on them. Much more interesting.

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