Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Export Water not Gas - Opportunity to object to Shell's Fracking in Ireland - ends 11th May

Shell are on a roll. The lowest ever payout to a government - 25% of profits…in fact profits aren't discussed its a 'service agreement'. Shell's emissions went up by 10% per barrel in 2012 and they just excused it. 1o% per barrel! Shell have been in court for having lied about how much damage they'll do. Shell have done the same in Ireland by recently being given the 123 million to pay half of which to AXA Insurance - to pay for inevitable damages rather than even attempt to mitigate risks. As we speak, Shell have been stopped drilling in the Arctic by the people of the city of Seattle! Well done them! Seattle has refused to let Shell boats land or moor in their bay. They know that to facilitate Shell will ruin the environment for everyone. In Ireland, the people tried to protect their bay too, in County Mayo. But in Ireland, those brave people who have maintained a stand against shell have had abuse, intimidation and their land ruined. One refused a payment from Shell of €300,000 to stop fishing. Instead of receiving the clear message, that the Irish people don't want Shell to destroy the land and sea, the same person had his fishing boat boarded, by masked men, and sunk. Unbelievably the same brave person was put in prison. This is our time to stick together and collectively make up a Seattle-size objection that really works. Fracking will effect everyone in Ireland and the Environment.

So put your objection in to the EPA…yes you speculate right, the Environmental Protection Agency, who are planning to grant Shell an Emissions License! Tell the EPA that methane released from the ocean floor releases 20% more emissions than carbon dioxide. Tell them that 30 to 70% of fracking chemicals, sent down into the sea bed, surface again? Ask the EPA, who is paying for Shell's humungous use of fresh water. Fracked gas must be 'scrubbed'. Thousands upon thousands of litres of fresh water are used in the process. Everyone else in Ireland is now paying for theirs. I am currently being charged for mine twice! Once by my local scheme and one by the officious loopers who want to charge again. Ask what Shell are going to pay for theirs. Ask if Shell, in addition, will be piping fresh water out to the drills - a few km off shore. Ask if salt water can be used for that part of the process. Please note that all salt water must be 'scrubbed' from the gas to make it usable. Please note that chemicals, waste water and anything else scrubbed off is being released back into the sea again.

Please ask them to refuse Shell on grounds of Ecocide. Ask the EPA to investigate the fracking process further and ask them to confirm beyond reasonable doubt that the earthquake that happened in Nepal was nothing to do with Shell's investigations with CBNC in West China - next to Nepal. Ask that the EPA resist collusion, arrogance and indifference and not grant a license to Shell. Even if the price is right? Even if it is the government department that is dictating. I wrote to the Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, and his secretary said he'd passed it on to the Minister for Natural Resources. ...A great chance for fresh thinking around an unforgivable atrocity against Ireland and its people….na, he said, I don't fancy it, I'll pass it on to another department, in case they're interested. Ask the EPA who is going to be accountable once the process goes wrong. Ask the EPA to follow other countries in banning Fracking, as too dangerous and too great a likelihood of explosion, leaks and earthquakes. Tell the EPA it would be easier to insist Shell returns the area and their God forsaken refinery, pipe and fractious sea faring instrumentation. The Earth cannot be restored once it is ruined. Tell the EPA that Shell are only offering just over a hundred jobs and there is only natural gas there that will last 3 years. It is not worth destroying Ireland for.

Whatever happens, put in your objection to the EPA. I know it costs a lot (€120 I think) to object to this wealthy abusive company and that has been deliberate to prohibit people objecting. Nonetheless, get a few households together - not just in Mayo but everywhere - and each put in a tenner. Shell to Sea, the website that keeps people informed, will no doubt help structure an objection too. Tell the EPA  to not grant the license, there is so much evidence against Shell's emissions performance and claims against them already, it would not be difficult for the EPA to state reasons for not granting the license.  So the points are: the contamination of ground water and drinking water: The absence of charge for it. The escalations of emissions. The promise Ireland has made to reduce emissions. The fact that only a few jobs were to be offered by Shell and set that against the cost to all other life on the planet. All lost livelihoods - all boats off the water, contamination of the bay, contamination of local fresh water source, the 20 times strength of the methane. The lies to other governments and Shell's idea of drilling in the Arctic: the most challenged, vulnerable and important ecosystem on the Planet. Take your pick or mention the lot.

Shell are not fit to take responsibility for what they're doing and they have no intention of taking responsibility either. I know I mentioned it before but just think for a minute how intolerable the vibration is if you've your ears under water in the bath and there's a machine running. In my instance it was a tumble drier…Imagine being a sea creature of any sort and quadruple the tumble drier by thousands maybe millions for the vibration of deep sea bed drilling. Its not worth it. It is wasting a natural resource - fresh water - that no country has enough of, definitely Africa and definitely Spain as they're piping water now and rendering valleys barren around the piped supply.

Ireland would be much better off exporting water and even exchanging it for energy. Don't just waste the fresh water to facilitate a plan of Shell's. They're beyond the pail. They're unscrupulous. Its really obvious to the naked eye so don't give up now, people. Your objections are valid and this just might be the time when they can be heard. So I'm just saying get the objections in. Somehow we must stop the permission that EPA want to give Shell, to trash everything.

There are details of the links to  how to object, on the last blog! Thanks a lot for getting your objection in! Fx

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