Friday, August 29, 2014

What happens when someone who has been reading salsa event guides turns to quantum physics!

1. Why is so little ultraviolet light given off by hot bodies?!
2. Most light radiates around a black-body curve!
Both have to be dance related observations, surely!

Anyway, I will explain more on these concepts once I get my mind off the dance floor and out of the gutter!

The question today is about how we can work with particles. Researchers of these infinitely tiny things have discovered that information can be entangled between particles, raising the possibility that everything is connected by invisible threads. So even smaller again must be these threads. I tuned in and asked if these threads were made of consciousness and got a yes. I asked can the tangles be addressed using consciousness and I got a yes. So I am applying this to healing and activism simultaneously.
WAR, specifically. What is it good for, absolutely nothing!
There are, I gather 41 wars going on as we speak in the world. That is like …well, I don't know what it is like, but in quantum terms, it is a lot of tangles. So I've cleared all 41. The tangles of the people who have died traumatically, the ones who are in fear, the ones who are perpetuating, the ones who are benefiting, the ones who can resolve the conflict, the ones who can come up with a way to rebuild the countries, the ones who can sort out resources for the people and quantum healing for those who have witnessed such violence. This is particularly powerful as I saw it used with people from Albania who had had half of each family killed, with the survivors made to to watch, in order to demoralize them. The tragedy had looked like it would never leave their faces but every one of those who got this treatment were able to experience joy again. I think this is relevant as we need to develop ways to not live in shock, whatever the confrontation that we have met. This can be abuse, political corruption, blind ignorance, violence, bullying, prejudices. All leave a mark.

We can only make good creations in the future, if we have a healthy, trusting perspective, so as far as i can see today, quantum (energy) healing is the only way to go. That way we move from being at the mercy of our fellow man… to having mercy on our fellow man!  

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