Monday, August 18, 2014

How Social Activism informs a Healing Journey

When asked to contribute an article for the new Creating Calm Network magazine my first thought was 'what do people need to know right now?' Some people will listen to a show on how to release negativity or how people or animals are being treated in a particular context. It depends on what topic is of interest. However, there is a sense in which we are all being revved up and driven at high speed by remote control. This is important for everyone as these heated concerns we call our own are actually being triggered intentionally, I will argue, to keep us small or, maybe worse, indifferent and hardened.

First, the use of nano technology. A friend (who I will credit here if requested) said she first saw nano technology demonstrated on Tomorrow's World, a TV series where new inventions were looked at. A psychiatrist injected the microscopic robot into her blood stream and it found its way to the seat of the patient's emotions in the brain. Using a dial, the doctor was able to turn up her mood until there was a feeling of hyper  or exhilaration and then tone it down to where the patient felt depressed or despondent. We might have hoped this would never catch on but actually nano technology is everywhere now. Most notably in crop sprays. It might be partially to monitor the changes in soil over prolonged chemical spraying but it is also information gathering…of the people that breathe them in and ingest them.

Couple this with the recent tip off that pharmaceutical companies have a sales target: Every citizen to be on an average of 4.5 prescribed drugs. This is particularly sinister as the pharmaceuticals make the chem sprays and the drugs. If they are turning the dials down, en mass, to depression or up to fear and panic stations, then it makes it increasingly easy to make their targets. Off we go like lemmings to the cliff edge for 'medical help'.

So the message today is don't fall for it anymore. Refuse to eat grains or vegetables that have been genetically modified or sprayed. What that actually means is, they are laced with pesticides and herbicides - poisonous to wildlife and poisonous to us. Look for a reliable organic brand or symbol. Also don't go to the doctor or hospital, stay calm and look for the healing you can do for yourself. Laugh yourself well, resting yourself well, thinking yourself well, eating yourself well are all conscious ways to correct a sickness. Decide to unhook from the external world and take the power back. For more embedded disturbances and problems, listen in to Healing From Harmony Hall on Saturdays to learn how to address soul loss, karma, entities, debilitating memories, nano technologies and generally crack the illusion of separateness once and for all. We are all one and we have gratitude and forgiveness to help tap into the full energy spectrum, beyond the tricky bit we can get stuck in.

The other outside influence I was going to talk about is HAARP. Look it up if you're curious. Suffice to say we need to get sure of ourselves and keep clearing the lies we are fed to keep us small and scared. We are eternal, epic, sacred and incredibly powerful once we get going.

 Well done to The Creating Calm Radio Network and publishing group for pulling us all together.
Finally do not support everything that says 'sustainable'. Today I heard that Hormel has built a motorbike that runs on bacon grease. This is even though 45% of methane emissions come from pig farming…and even though Bio-Blend Fuels was shut down earlier in the year for trying the same thing. What about the poor animals as well? We are facing extremes of cruelty and ignorance in every area of business, so we must be vigilant, stop the madness when we see it creep in and become increasingly true to our own better judgement!

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