Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Organization of Light

Quantum physics says that light behaves like waves one day and a stream of bullets the next.
I asked what is the application of this in healing: If the solid body is the shore and the waves rolling in are the light, we are faced with a slow healing process. More often than not the waves make little impression. Sometimes they wash away debris, but the flotsam and jetsam are rarely transmuted to pure light. They rather stay solid and float out to pollute the ocean, cast shadows in the light and can easily arrive back in as sicknesses often do. When the waves do cause radical erosion, we see it as destructive. But that is the light breaking down the sick structures. So more successful for us as healers, is to work with light as a stream of bullets. These can be well-aimed to see, acknowledge and understand the real source of disturbance - be it environmental or personal.

What is the application then for the breaking down of the sick structures of the political/corporate complex? I wondered if it might be the light waves this time and a catastrophe or two from Mother Nature. I got a no, its the light bullets again. So yes, we as activists are part of a rising tide of discontent but the clearly aimed bullets of light are what will actually take the darkness down.

You might ask, what sort of aim do we have for atoms, for energy, for light? Intention. That is all we need. We don't need a critical mass, lots of people meditating or working together, we don't even need agreement, we just need to recognize ourselves as a light house and then start setting the angle of the beam.

What a revelation to be an energy worker learning about Quantum Physics. Over the next two months, I will establish practical applications for each idea and share them here.
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