Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Legal weight for Save Kilkenny Campaign

What is happening in Kilkenny is like a precedent being set for the whole of Ireland. A mixed collective of people committed to searching out the truth. Aristotle said 'Happy is the man who defends that which he loves'. We, on the Save Kilkenny Campaign, have the three forms of conscious behavior on our side; Acceptance (of the responsibility to turn up and inform ourselves), enthusiasm (for the task in hand. The enthusiasm is generated by the fact that we each genuinely value Kilkenny City, for its quality of life, its history and protectiveness of its people) and also there is joy. (This is because we are free. Free to ask questions, free to stop the corruption of the council and have them dismissed. Free to stand in the way of the contractors, blankly doing their jobs and free to connect with each other globally in a powerful way and correct the situation. The legal foundation of these freedoms is now being shared by experts in every field with the campaign. Inadvertently, the cracked council plan and relentless abuse of power and public money has led to the forming of this rising tide. This high tide will see a case so watertight that people everywhere can use it to make sure their county is not scavenged in the name of progress or corporate interest. For example, I noticed that 2 licenses have been granted to explore for more oil in Irish Waters, one to an Australian Company and one to a company from Cyprus. Neither will care about damage done. I gather that local councils have the power to refuse fracking in their county. I see that the High Courts have stopped An Bord Pleanala granting wind farm permissions in the face of hundred of local objections. We are learning how to enforce common sense on every level, as and when we need to. Thanks for all the legal experts who are coming forwards to help.

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