Friday, July 4, 2014

Garth Brooks, please still come to Ireland for the full 5 dates!

So lets compare planning applications:

1.  A multitude of suspect planning permission given, in the face of national objection, to erect structures to guarantee generations of misery, aesthetic offense, depletion of tourism, ill health, environmental disaster and de valuing of peoples' homes, in the shape of giant pylons, motorways through medieval cities, power stations and factories...


2. Planning refusal for 2 extra Garth Brooks concerts? Maybe if it was Rage Against The Machine (**** you, I won't do what you tell me), or a National Front rally or any other gathering of angry people getting psyched up. Or even losers, as there inevitably must be at any match held there, that's the nature of competition... but Garth Brooks?! (If tomorrow never comes, will you know how much I love you?) He just says what everyone else wants and needs to say. You couldn't find a more contented united crowd to mill around your neighbourhood, on their way home.

So yes, all the above planning applications may come down to greed but I checked in to see where the GAA of Croke Park, the venue, are on that greedy business list: 597th place. Lets get some perspective and let the show go on, I say…even if they have to arrange for Punchestown or Kilkenny!

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