Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Your body is your temple - More understanding of the food we eat!

We can all grow organic food. There will be eight times as much food as we use now, if people go vegan. The statistic is that it takes 8 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef… stop fattening up poor creatures with GM grain and antibiotics and let the people eat organic grain!

What is the main problem with genetically modified food? There is a gene bred into the crop that is a powerful herbicide. It kills birds, insects, diseases, yeast and fungi and leaves the plants intact….but! It means we are ingesting copious amounts of that herbicide. It does not pass through the body, it only accumulates - half a fatal dose ten years ago and half a fatal dose today will equal a fatal dose. Furthermore, tests on rats showed no problems over 9 months but after two years, all those fed GM food had tumors, nearly the size of the rats themselves. Research paid for by Monsanto and other pharmaceuticals does not need to be released. They only published the studies at the 9 month marker!

Genetically modified food is banned in many countries. Why would any government allow chemically produced and GM food in? It is a widespread problem because governments and doctors are all in the thrall of pharmaceuticals because their companies bring jobs. Bear in mind that these chemicals were originally developed as Mustard Gas and Agent Orange for chemical weapons. Hence up until 1945 we all grew organically and after the 2nd World War we started using chemicals. They are poisons. As Rod Calder-Potts of Highbank Organic Farm says of the attack against Organic enterprise, our job isn't to prove that organic food tastes better or is more nutritious. Growing organically is just a commitment to not poison food.

Listen in on Saturday to my interview with Highbank Organic Farm to hear more. Fascinating, knowledgeable people. I will also get to ask how individuals and commercial ventures can get started on growing organically. As people will know already, my vision is to build sheltered organic microclimates in each country to support the transition back from GM to natural production. This farm also produces these structures - polytunnels and green houses on a small and large scale, so could be the exact people we need to bring this vision to realization!  I hope that the powers that be will be inspired to sponsor more research on how organic growers can balance the different factors in an orchard or plot, without spraying. It is possible for all organisms to live side by side, farmers have done it for years, but there is great progress that can be done by further study.

Healing resistance in all of us to growing our own. Self sufficiency rocks and there's already 22 organic growers in Kilkenny, so we can have the whole menu covered!

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