Monday, January 6, 2014

Preparing Humanity for Ascension, Monday 6th January 2014

Its a day of ascension in the catholic church, I learnt in the gym this morning, and therefore a holy day. Its a disgrace, I heard too, that children are back in school, when it should be tomorrow! Are we not to mark any occasions anymore, out of political correctness? She asked. I didn't mention it then but I, for one, was truant every day that seemed right to me. I thanked God and still do that I have the strength of my convictions. I knew I could learn more from the punks down town than I could from school. I have always wanted to question systems. Specifically, I question systems that do not serve anyone. School is such an unreasonable place, you either succeed or fail, you are either included or excluded. The best goal some schools have is to make themselves look good in a league, others only aim to manage difficult behaviour. I don't know any where meditation is taught, or any other means to relieve the mind. Few children, if any, have any idea of their eternal nature and their future part in the cosmos. They FEEL individual right from the start and judged or only conditionally loved, where it would serve humanity best if they KNEW they were essential! We belong here like the trees and the stars - as the Desiderata says! So today, for my clearing, I did a massive soul retrieval for all and  planted the seed of hope and clarity in every young mind…we're all quite young in the big scheme of things so I hope you feel the shift too. The future will be bright if you make your goals happiness, peace and harmlessness.

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