Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Manifesto 2014 - Part 3, Personal, Ireland and the planet!

My energy healing method is to tune in with pertinent questions to establish what is really called for…and then tune in again to clear anything that stands in the way of things falling into place, or stops us attracting what we need!

For fun, I'm using the Rebelle Society's '30 questions to ask yourself before you die' list to structure my manifesto this year. In addition, I harmonize the energy to bring about the optimum outcome - no more disparity between question and answer! To prove how far-reaching energy work is, I do this questioning and healing process for Ireland as a country and the planet as a whole, as well as myself!

What would you want to be remembered for?
For me: I would love to teach every man, woman and child how to be effective and well aware of their divine nature.
Ireland: Wants to be remembered for the beautiful countryside…not saints and scholars, nor the great welcome, the Irish were known for, but just the above! To this end, I transmuted any need for Ireland to manifest pylons, power stations and water-polluting gas plants, inadvertently by mistake. I will endeavor to explore the zero point energy machine production too, so that cables are no longer needed!
The planet: Would like to be remembered as a life-supporting entity of great magnitude and majesty.

What kind of life would make you jealous?
For me: To have alchemy so down pat that, like a genie, my wish is my command!
To this end, I cleared around success. Firstly, success in keeping with my soul journey, then success in healing, then in relating to others, then in monetary terms. I kept security via finances until last as least priority because the life that I'd be jealous of…if I didn't already have it!…is one where I'm completely self referencing, not hanging on approval or back up from others. With self trust, what you need comes to you. That's the way forward!
Ireland: Would like a life of mental freedom, not beset by a dense history of environmental hardship and oppression.
The planet: Would like a vegan population ( I know I might sound like I get the answers I want from this here pendulum but I stand my ground and assert that this is a completely objective question and answer session!!) Why does the planet want this? Because then it could support all life here.

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