Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kill them with kindness! Lets get letters of gratitude off to Eirgrid, to thank them for changing their minds!

Here's mine to cut and paste if you like! I have sent it to the papers as well to share the love and appreciation!

Did you know that it was the Green Party's TD Eamon Ryan who signed the loan forms for these pylons? The 300 million is from the European Bank so its not an investment at all, its a loan…which we will be expected to pay back! Don't draw any more of that loan down, I say!

Email by the 7th January deadline:

Dear Eirgrid,
Thank you so much for considering the free energy technology before going forward with any more, archaic 400kV cable. It was despicable to think of ruining the quality of life in Ireland from top to bottom with the pylons, fracking and 10 years out-of-date windmills, when this new technology is available and coming up. It will give your company and Ireland a chance to be true leaders in the intention and efforts to stabilize climate change. This will change the way energy can be generated across the globe and win you great recognition. I have sent this letter to your financial investors as well, to make sure they support you in this change of tack.

Please remember to confirm with the public on all four routes through Carlow/Kilkenny and the Comeragh and Blackstairs Mountains and Wexford (and everywhere else you have been trying to erect giant pylons on the quiet for your exporting-electricity-to-England mission, that you are not going ahead and you will be back with a brilliant Plan B: Bringing zero point energy machines into production, which require no cables, no more electricity bills and genuinely clean energy. Best regards, Frances Micklem

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