Sunday, December 22, 2013

Things can only happen as a result of us intending it…or fearing it; lets opt for intending it!

Our awareness of our eternal nature and power must increase at the same pace as our social awareness. By this I mean that its no use me suddenly receiving an influx of difficult information - like forced terminations in China, fracking in Fermanagh, export of electricity to the total detriment of Ireland and animal cruelty - if I don't feel able for the task in hand. That task is to change that reality. If we go into over whelm or disillusionment, we give away our power to do anything. The first practical thing we can do is stay positive. Notice your feelings of powerlessness, victimization and inevitability and then let them go. They are only part of the story. In the second chapter, we are coming to remember that we are part of nature, with epic wielding power. If Mother Nature choses to back an idea of ours, she will, in no uncertain terms. The infinite organizing power of nature can thwart the biggest of pylon constructions, the drilling in the arctic and any other drilling for that matter. With a little tremor, she says 'sod off' and puts paid to mere human plans. Then comes the third twist in the tale. We can visualize the outcome we want. In fact, we must give time to cultivating an idea of what we want.

In terms of animal cruelty, one can frame a positive picture of the planet as having food on every table, really enough to go around, and healthy soil, great organic crops and fathomable seasons. This would be a vegan world, where we cooperate with nature. No more chemicals or pollution are made and the ozone fabric repairs itself and our atmosphere with it.

In terms of energy, we can picture the free energy machine in each neighbourhood, no cables, no electro magnetic charge, pylons, fracking or fossil fuel business, no cost to each household or greenhouse gases. Everyone warm and still able to read at night and listen to music.

Spend a few moments every day wishing for every person and every animal to have someone to love and care for them.

These things can only happen as a result of us intending it. 

With clarity, we are powerful beyond measure. Therefore, I am clearing this morning for everyone to 100% feel their connection with oneness, with all that there is, with nature - including the tangible and the divine - and to work with all of it. To this end, I include a photo of Windy in his stable, in the storm of last weekend, with 12 bales of hay. I wish this level of shelter and abundance for all living things!

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