Monday, December 2, 2013


I'm pondering the thought that everything once slowed down becomes sacred. I heard that in the tantra course I attended on Saturday! I was very relieved that no one was ravished and it was a wonderful day of pure energy work, assimilating at last the whole body into the exceptional healing and manifestation capacity it has…and, therefore, we all have. We were wound up that we might have to be in our birthday suits all day and go 'full circle' with a number of partners who we'd meet on the day! My intuitive guides had still given me a 'yes' to attending, even with my long history of euphemisms like 'going full circle' and 'cooking for yourself' and other wonderful give-aways of a small comfort zone, when it comes to sex!

The actual learning was like going for hypnotherapy; instantly relaxed, neutral and honest. Accessing parts of the self that had blocked sensation and desire! It is the most powerful of the energetic tools, I heard, because it has the realization of desire as its goal. Anyone who  knows about the law of attraction knows that if you can focus on what you desire, you will attain it. Most energetic medicine is about letting go of old conditioning and what is wrong with you! Tantra heals and then re-focuses your conscious mind on an ultimate goal. Some goals might be sexual but that energy can be applied to anything you want. Everybody learnt a lot about what armory they had around their bodies, hardening themselves up against love and synergy of any sort. I recommend embarking on this extraordinary art form as soon as you happen upon a teacher that resonates with you…and not before! We worked with Vesco from Tantra Ireland, who is a very natural teacher, with great integrity. Wishing you all a blissed out evening!

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