Sunday, December 29, 2013

Manifesto: Personal, Ireland and planet as a whole

Working from the rebel society's 30 questions to ask before you die, I sat down to find answers on a grand scale. I will set out New Year Intentions for myself, Ireland and the planet, in accordance with our deepest desires. Could be powerful stuff!!

As Freya Lawton of The Peace Intention would say, we have created our current situations simply by failing to intend anything different. Now we can pull up our metaphorical socks!

Qu.1 How much have you loved?
For me it was 100% of people, animals and nature. A pleasing result due, probably, to my energy clearings for every person and animal to have someone to love and care for them. I must have energetically alighted on every one of the 7 billion of us and all other living things and wrapped them in a bit of love!

Ireland on the other hand has only loved 12% of people, 5.5% of animals and 53% of Nature. We are alerted to the fact that the amount we love is what enriches us. Rather than an impoverished perspective of what we have or have not received, we put ourselves back in the driving seat of what we have offered. I got Ireland up to 100% loving on all accounts.

The planet has loved just 0.5% of people, 0.2% of animals and 0.2% of Nature.This stems back to a warped human use and abuse philosophy, rather than the planet's own desire...which is obviously to sustain life (This is obvious to me as I already know the answers to later questions! even if it isn't obvious to everyone who might point to natural disasters as if the planet is trying to get rid of us! Its not, thankfully!) I got the planet up to 100% loving on all accounts, people, animals and nature.

Qu.2 What are you not doing that you love doing?
Me: Dancing - Rung the Argentine Tango group in the Brog Maker pub, Kilkenny!

Ireland: Caring for each other - Cleared the fragile egos that stop the country from making good decisions.

The planet: Organizing
Remember the infinite organizing power of nature that I'm always talking about? That is what can bring about miracles and healing and life and growth. At the moment there is more chaos, crisis and disorder! The planet loves to organize itself and we need to get our intentions clear as to what sort of party we want it to organize. Cleared space for the planet's natural guidance system to evolve and guide it.

Tune in later for Qu.3!

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  1. For question # 2, my answer is staying healthy and fit. I really love doing cardio exercises everyday and being watchful on my diet but failed last year so hopefully I can make it this year.