Sunday, December 8, 2013

Giving everyone the confidence they need to act with integrity!

Don Juan got his certificate today at dog training! We learnt a valuable lesson at the same time:

A certain amount of confidence is needed to be able to assimilate new information. Otherwise, it will be intimidating.

I realized that this sums up politicians and experts in any field. So fragile is their personal confidence and so narrow their area, that they simply reject new information, for fear of exposing their previous ignorance. As questions are raised, truths discovered and unbiased research offered up for the greater good, it would be great if they could, instead, put it in their pipe and smoke it for a while. Allow an inexorable mechanical strategy shift into a visionary one... It would be a pity to let insecurity decide what happens next in the world and to whom (!), So our clearing this afternoon is to upload great confidence, self acceptance and a noble sense of personal responsibility to every politician in every country. They don't need to know everything, just manage new information with wisdom.

Its like Who Wants to Be A Millionaire or whatever that programme is (I still don't have a TV!)… now would be a good time to 'Ask the audience' and listen to what we have to say; Put zero point energy machines into production in every country and improve everyone's quality of life. Healthy people, with healthy air, water and soil, make for a healthy economy. As John Carmody from ARAN said yesterday in the radio interview, the three golden rules are 'be kind, be kind and be kind' and the Dalai Lama said 'open your arms to change but never let go your loving kindness.' We shouldn't argue with these two great authorities on the matter!

This is the link to the Healing From Harmony Hall radio show, which happens every saturday.

Okay everyone, tune in and upload total confidence and personal responsibility to yourself and then everyone else you can think of, who needs it!

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