Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sublaw 15: Resistance

Now you have set out your desires with great clarity, cleared all the self defeating habits and beliefs from your past and are racing towards your goal. It feels good, you smile at your partner every morning and say ‘I am so grateful everything always works out for us’. You are very very close to mastering the law of attraction. You are remembering that the better the story you tell of your life, the better your life gets. Be ready, though, to acknowledge resistance when it arises. This, penultimate, sublaw of resistance might sound at first more like Sod’s Law. Until now, when you met a pitfall, a hold up or an obstacle you will, no doubt, have had one of two reactions. Either, feeling thwarted - what’s the point, it was never going to happen anyway - or bloody minded perseverance - Do I look bothered? I’m carrying on, if it kills me. The understanding we actually need of resistance is that it is crucial, positive and a very good indicator that change is really happening. Any negativity around resistance will only block progress. If you welcome resistance in any form, you will start to get the consistent results we’ve been priming ourselves for. What you touch will turn to gold as long as you don’t stop the transformation every time it gets uncomfortable! 

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