Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sublaw 14: Nourishment

When we describe someone as malnourished, we suppose they are both impoverished and neglected. Hardship and ignorance are the same two atmospheres we put around our dreams though too. We assume they will be hard to achieve and we don’t know how to achieve them. On this sort of fallow soil, nothing much can grow. The sort of nourishment needed is encouragement. This is from the inside out, from you, not waiting for external support. Mentally, this will mean feeding your mind with positive imagery. Physically, it will mean investing time and action, every day. Emotionally, it will mean loving what you’re doing and making yourself laugh - one woman cured herself of cancer completely in three months by reducing stress, I gathered from The Secret DVD! She watched non stop comedies and released all the toxicity she had held in her body through having the craic and cracking up. The same woman demonstrated the spiritual nourishment needed. She would say, every morning, ‘Thank you for my healing’. This attitude of gratitude literally facilitates your interaction with the great sea of possibilities there are.  You are letting the universe know what you want and how glad you are of it. These, in combination, are a feast for your creative force.

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