Saturday, August 25, 2012


Up until now, we have had our lives upside down. Taking action is only the tip of the iceberg, of our participation in life. There are emotions, just under the water, intensifying our motivations and intentions. There are mental processes, even further below, comparing our actual experience to our beliefs and expectations. There are constant environmental forces, lapping against the edges. Our history, both individual and collective, is embedded in every ice crystal. 

We can understand peace in this way, whether it is peace of heart or world peace, that you want. It is actually the deepest spiritual energy that needs to be healed first. We know we need to relax and practice forgiveness but no one knows how to do it. Out of the gloom, war has erupted or stress on a grand scale. The human being is not at its best when out of control and reactive. Try not to DO anything! Look beneath the conflict that has manifested  and shed light on the gloomy undercurrents. Every personal, social and global problem is due to lack of acknowledgement. It is not important to trace your historical and geographical background or its likely progression and prognosis for your life. We can, instead, use energy work to give each other the recognition we need. It is the recognition that we are not even separate. The realization of our fundamental unity and brotherhood. You can melt back into that ocean whenever you are ready and take shape as something else, entirely more fitting for who you are right now!

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