Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Final Sublaw 16: Mastery

Mastery is almost the most important sublaw to making the law of attraction work for you. This is because you must agree to being the powerful conductor of your own orchestra, rather than continue playing second fiddle in a cacophony of white noise! If you think you are hopeless and stuck, you are. When you know yourself to be an evolving masterpiece, you are. You are being offered the most valuable power of all, to direct your thoughts. The mindfulness training makes you steadily and comfortably aware of initial ignorance; through to noticing revelations; through hopeful anticipation; seeking solutions; decision making; discovery; energy clearing; out-picturing current situations; release; participating in the one mega energy field; keeping a focus on your objective; secrecy until you have made it happen for yourself; seeing yourself as a nature reserve; nourishment for all aspects of yourself; resistance as a good thing; through to this - mastery. Bring it on. Every experience is of your design, so you are now at the end of a cycle of victimization in your life. Happiness and personal achievement awaits! Its a time of transition, savour every moment! 

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