Monday, January 30, 2012

We are all of one skin, same blood, same soul

The dynamics of nature work more successfully if we nurture growth, rather than take a stand against pollution. It is the same with money. We are more successful if we feel enriched rather than fight poverty. So it is in disagreeing, resisting and fighting with each other that we set ourselves apart, weaken ourselves and assume a victim role. Victims are both bully and bullied. Both ways of life assume, wrongly, that we are separate and need to defend ourselves. Be it against a big bad world, government or other people. In relationships too, this power struggle rages on. In this microcosm, don’t try and corner each other by being against betrayal. Be for building trust instead. In the past, people thought the options were ‘free and single’ or ‘trapped and married’. There is a new term, however, ‘mature monogamy’. This is the ongoing creation of a safe space between you where you can be one hundred percent honest, hopeful, hopeless, silly, serious, imaginative and loving. No pretence, true to yourself, the good and the bad laid bare.

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