Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Campaign Tonight

The Property Tax
How can your household take part in the Anti Property Tax Campaign? Mother Theresa said she would never attend an anti war rally but would accept any invitation to a pro peace event. I have been tuning in to establish how I can participate in political activities without being anti loads of things and opposed to another load of things. I understand deeply that we are all connected and resistance is futile! It leads to anger, stress and vicitimization. Luckily, I have found the way. In any healing journey - which applies to the personal and the country’s - the process is to notice what we have been doing. Identify unhealthy practices, addictive or fear-based behaviours and STOP them. This creates a space in our neural pathways (brainwaves!), heart and daily itinerary (time!) to explore new, more mindful, compassionate practices that honour ourselves, each other and hopefully all living things - animals, woodlands, the ocean etc. So I have my sign up ‘I am not paying the property tax’. In my understanding, I am stopping a collective, unhelpful practice of asking more of the poor, in a crisis. I am also supporting others to stand by their conviction to make a change in their lives. The result, at best, is that it will free up our imaginations as to how to tap into the real riches in Ireland - how to motivate the key five percent, who have the money, to invest. Please don’t think this is too difficult. In the even bigger picture we are already abundant. In terms of the world, we are all in that top, most wealthy, five percent. I recommend getting your sign up and practicing being grateful and thanking, especially, the wealthy for willingly coming forward with the money, to turn the economy around. If we can all feel this, it will come about.

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