Friday, January 20, 2012

Evolve or devolve further?

With patience, we can actually observe that humanity is devolving. People pay little attention to each other or the world around them. Their minds are already on their own destinations or fear of observing what is disfunctioning, lest it be catching. Indifference is resolute and hardened to the information that should shock. We tolerate and even condone this disregard. My eternal optimism that love underlies every situation is seen as a dangerous dream. The real illusion though is that we are not all connected. People seem to think they can criticize or ignore each other without any repercussions. But it destroys the very fabric of your soul, your self esteem, your relationships, your work and your health. Don’t be justified and right, be patient and breathe fresh air and warmth into your daily interactions!

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