Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Etheric Residue

So 2012 is here at last, notable for being the end of the long mayan calendar. If we are ever to do it, now is the time to see ourselves through our spiritual eyes rather than the eyes of judgement. We have given our energy away for far too long, to minor tasks and demeaning anxieties and comparisons. We have given our power away too, to the more ambitious ego personalities, the employers and other authorities. We haven’t succeeded in fixing the external reality. Some have made some money, some have participated in great families, some have achieved impressive goals but even those are kept on the run, through fear of losing it again.

We neither gain nor lose anything in life. It is always here in its entirety. It is just our internal world that is shut off from it, most of the time. Stuck in illusions of being separate, unique, better or worse than everyone else, we have kept looking outside. Sometimes we look for reassurance, for love and a feeling of belonging that we lack. More often we look with distrust and fear, in a ‘small dog‘ mentality, hackles up, certain that the world is a big bad place and we are small and powerless.

Our lesson for this year is to participate fully, in the confident knowledge that, if we are awake, we are an extremely influential part of the whole. Refuse to get lost in details and apparent differences. Always see the spirit in the people you're speaking to, it is there. In the morning practice visualization of a happy outcome. Then do your list of ten things or so you are grateful for. At some point in the day clear your energy fields. Finish with clearing your etheric field as it is residual bandying around in this field that is taking its toll on your current reality. Freshen up, do something different!

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