Monday, November 11, 2019

Puppy Farm License...Then 2.5 Tonnes of Dead Animals

Well said. 2.5 tonnes of dead animals taken away and oh, wow, the council won't release the just-previous inspection report which the Myshall puppy farm passed with flying colours and were awarded their license renewal no problem. 

But it's not Carlow is it really? it's everywhere and Carlow Kilkenny are in bed together when it comes to the Dog Shelter and the dog wardens. And it's not the council is it really? it's the two or three dog wardens from the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound, who do those inspections. They are either not being allowed on to the sites, or don't give a damn, or are being bribed. Or quite probably all three. 

When Kilkenny Council were giving the massive public contract to run the Carlow Kilkenny dog pound, to the carcass company, trading as ACS-Four Seasons, Carlow Councillors knew nothing (even though Carlow Council pays a couple of hundred thousand towards the pound annually) about it and were appalled. 

This tenderer was recommended whole heartedly by the Kilkenny County vet, so obviously there's money in rounding up the strays and putting them to sleep, without passing go, let alone recovery or rehoming options. 

Still, one of the dog wardens jobs are these inspections and it might be them we need to ask for those inspection reports. They are not animal lovers, they are guard dog trainers which people might or might not find appropriate for a dog shelter. 

That inspection procedure should be way more accessible for scrutiny. Maybe Carlow Council could first release a blank inspection report for us to consider. Then, instead of looking back and blaming, we could look forward to a more robust system with whatever extraordinary loopholes there were taken out! 

I also heard (from one of the dog wardens) there are about 300 puppy farms between carlow and enniscorthy, it's a black spot and so those inspectors are busy too if they are trying to find these places.

The only solution is shut down all puppy farms. They're all God-forsaken hell holes and there are enough dogs already to care for.

Anyway, well done to People Before Profit's Adrienne Wallage for the motion to stop it happening again. 

This is a topic close to my heart! I would also take on the job of finding these farms if it could be funded and I guarantee, unlike the current inspectors, my heart would be in it. I would leave no stone unturned!!!

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