Thursday, November 21, 2019

Lucretius' First Day At Harmony Hall

Day one was not without its own trials and regrets. My back is so sore, I could only take him out as far as the picnic table to hold on to as he slightly yanked around trying to follow Cupid and explore. Never having been inside before, he went for a giant wee on the pot plant. I went to find the mop and a plan for dragging the plant out side. When I got back, he had gone all the way and done a major relief in the same pot. Pity really as that plant was magnificent and most of branches came off in the action. Fair play to Lucretius though, it is a massive pot and he made an effort to aim well.

I got it tidied up and manoeuvred the pot outside. Later he investigated under the piano and widdled on the sheet music I was sorting out in various piles! We had had a couple of hours of pats and rubs by then so I decided to let him out free without me on the end of the lead, in to the dark night and hope he would come back. He did!

So they were the challenges and a bark at Wish in the middle of the night but no chasing.

Apart from that, he is a great dog. Very soft, affectionate. If you even scratch under his chin, he goes into a love coma and he reaches his head out and starts blinking and drifting off. He loves his box and blankets by the heater and yet is keen to come along on every little expedition. When you have a bad back, every movement is a bit of an expedition, that needs careful planning and execution!

If we can work together, he will make a perfect family dog. Brian at the pound suggested that his longer ears and deep golden colour might suggest a little Vizsla in his Golden Labrador conception. If he bumps into Cupid on his way anywhere, because he is a bit of a bounding beauty as he's only two or three, he just jumps over him.

Now I just need a crate for him to sleep in as I can't spend too many more nights on the sofa, attending to his every movement. But i will if I have to as not good habits and clearing up have to be avoided for someone in my condition!!!

At least it's me doing it, rather than my Mum and Dad. If I hadn't pushed to collect him, I would have missed the post and my certificate saying I had won the art competition would have got drenched in the next shower!

And at least I had just taken a photo of that plant which was so very beautiful!

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