Thursday, May 2, 2019

Now this is a book review! How To Live As One

If you help one person, the book was worth writing.
I can’t tell you how happy I am. How restored too! I was approached at work today, by a woman, completely elated to see me. She said I’ve just this minute put down your book. For a split second I thought she might have the wrong person!
She went on to say I looked at it there for sale 3 times and thought to myself what would I want with a book like that? Then, on the fourth occasion, she thought, at ten euro, what harm could it do? She said it had changed her life. She often dipped into it. She said ‘it really is about remembering that we’re all one.’ ‘I’m through things that I never thought I’d get out of. I’ve no bitterness, only recognition and still lots of love and hope. She said ‘there were bits when I first read them that I thought, this one (as in me!) is for the birds, no way I’m doing that. But then I went back and tried it and it has completely changed my life. I came to your talk in the library, she said, so I knew how to use the pendulum but I knew that night that I’d have to keep going with it, for it to work. 
I’ve worked through the whole book. She really wanted to impress that on me …that this wasn’t just an enthusiasm as she’d bumped into me. She ran back to her car to get the book to show me and there was a well-thumbed copy, with not just occasional notes in the front but at least 200 words of notes crammed in around each page. We laughed about how brilliant it is to keep growing, for insights to keep rolling in, alongside every thing we read or experience. We talked about the ripple effect of energy, as you let go and see things differently. 
It was the boost I needed as I’d all but forgotten I had anything important to say. And that whenever I ask what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, I get that it is to write and remind people of the spark of divinity in them and in animals and nature too. To remind people to acknowledge, appreciate and respect it and that that is the way to heal. 
For too long I’d let the doubt creep in, mirrored by endless clients who wanted me to write things for them, Masters theses, legal documents, formal letters, advocacy and maybe to teach someone piano or how to cook vegan or share my little bit of enthusiasm for organic growing… all of them insisting, hoping, or just letting me know in a multitude of ways that they didn’t want to hear any take on what’s really going on energetically (for them, me or anyone or anything) Just not comfortable with that mirror yet, even though I had ideas how to handle what came up to. I used to be sure that these were the real gems I had and I just learnt to keep them to myself… (except for Freya. Thank God for her, the only person always ready in 5D and 3D and 2D (coz usually on the phone) to hear what I’m really on about and how it might be crucial in the bigger picture.

I went on Amazon and was reminded how controversial the book was when I published it - on 12th of the 12th 2012 - End of the Mayan Calendar!! I was interviewed for radio and newspapers on 5 occasions, maybe more and NOT ONE MINUTE OF THOSE INTERVIEWS WAS AIRED or cameos in the paper!! Even though the journalists did their best and loved it. Vetoed from on high!! Which is interesting. 
So then I remembered the lady's opening gambit yesterday, about my book: She said I was brave to write it and brave to write it the way I wrote it. But it wasn't courage or perseverance that time, the book was what they called 'channelled'. I just sat down every day and asked for what I was to write about to come to me. Every time, it came as an exact paragraph. That's why, I suppose, it's an easy one to open at a page and mull it over, in the context of what's happening for the reader.
So I didn't write it, I allowed it through - Like the wonderful dance I had a few weeks ago, I had got ready but I hadn't dared to imagine what my efforts could be distilled into!!
Like, I had an entertaining turn of phrase already, I had done the multidimensional adventure, I had shown up to listen to as many people, places and animals that I could and then came the book. I had hoped that it would sell like hot cakes and I wouldn't have to meet anyone in person any more, just hang out here, in my own sacred geometry world, tuning in to things I wanted to work on, from afar. 
This is a way of working that Freya again validated in her explanation of what needs to happen and what life is all about (Just your average lofty topic for one afternoon!!). She described something along the lines of; we are here to intuit and articulate our own unique understanding of reality. Her example was Bach and his Flower Remedies, all discovered while communing with plants. Not about research or repeating and adopting what someone else said. 
So lets all trust ourselves and get our ideas down on paper, in art, in food, in business, teaching, whatever we do, just let it through from the heart not the head.

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