Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sharing Writing As A Visual Choreography, Carlow 8.5.19

A Woman With A Baby...Stolen, even though she's watched over by angels!! 

This is a once in a lifetime, lunchtime, show case of work done by the screen writers and poets in our Carlow College Writing club!! We have been working with writer in residence, Oonagh Kearney who is a multi award winning film writer.
1pm on Wednesday 8th May, meeting at the entrance to the George Bernard Shaw and Visual Arts Centre, we will move as a group, audience and performers, around the grounds - if it's sunny! for four or five succinct poems and readings and then follow scenes that take place in the theatre building itself, ending with refreshments in the bar. Hopefully a lazy lunch hour in total!
Everyone is very welcome, although none of us have ever performed before and certainly not our own work! But I've heard what comes out of these guys, just in automatic writing sessions - when we're given a prompt and told to just write to it for 10 minutes, off the cuff. It gladdens my heart how much genius, creativity and expression there is around!
This is my most unusual commissioned painting so far...'I need a painting of a woman and baby, to steal from the gallery'. This might mean that the gardai will get it back and it will be for sale again but it might not!!

George Bernard Shaw was an early Irish vegetarian and a playwright rated a close second after Shakespeare!! He gave his property to the Carlow council to be used in trust for the less fortunate in the community...the council sold most of it off...No Change There!!!

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