Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Washing Vegetables - The Devil You Know or What The Shops Come Up With

1min Video about washing leeks from the garden

Eclectic potatoes from last autumn, that front variety is truly a pain to wash let alone peel, as there's nothing left after! so just a scrub down is the answer!  

It's sometimes the small things in life that slow us down and put us off...like having to wash vegetables that you have grown yourself, as opposed to getting some Linda McCartney vegan sausages out of the freezer and have to only lightly rinse pre-washed organic potatoes, bought from a supermarket, to cut into organic chips. 

Spinach, chard and purple sprouting broccoli leaves about to be individually washed and checked  for visiting centipedes, baby slugs and snails from the garden!

With my own produce, sometimes only a quarter of the thing is salvageable and it's covered in soil and in a big sense you 'seen where it's been' - like when you caught a slug sliding over it earlier in its growing process.... STILL, persevere! Why? Because it is better the devil you know. A little bug, now all trace removed and rehomed in a less precious part of the garden is much much better than the invisible traces of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, preservatives, taste enhancers, plastics and often cooked to oblivion ingredients you will find in shops!

The non organic apple is shiny and that coating needs to be scrubbed off, using vinegar . The righthand one is from the garden, total perfection in nutrition and texture, if a little tart to the tastebuds! 

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