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What is Karma? Alternative Health Cards by Frances Micklem


When you get the card with the painting of Abundancia the Goddess on it, it is time to explore karma. I could only fit a sentence or two on the back of the cards and I realized, later, that each one is a call to action that probably involves whole concepts that it took me years to get my head around. This one refers to concepts such as the multi-dimensional reality, the transmutation of karma, the development of your intuition and mental freedom from old patterns. 

The wisdom on this card offers a massive step in the direction of self mastery. If you put the work in and apply the following understandings your life will transform from a helpless unfolding of events to a conscious creation of a life of meaning, value and purpose. 

What is Karma?

Karma is experienced as recurring tests and problems in life. It exists and operates in your unconscious and keeps a person on a loop of inevitable repetition. 

What Causes Karma?

Karma is caused by ealier choices and actions, sometimes as far back as previous lifetimes. Some people see karma as a punishment but some will also have experienced 'good karma', where a good deed is quickly followed by some luck. 

Identification is When You Think That Something That Happens To You Is Who You Are

Karma is very powerful not least because it is an unconscious dynamic, driving you to walk into the same dangers over and over again. The first thing to do is to recognize and accept that you have these dynamics. Then you will become less identified with them. Identification with your karma can be seen in the statements. ‘I am just very unlucky’ ‘I have a weakness in my legs’  Any negative statement beginning with ‘I am’ ‘I have’ or ‘I always’ are indicators both of karma and that you have become identified with your karma.

Way To Deal With Karma

It is absolutely crucial to clear your karma and be systematic in recognizing its appearance. As karma is unconscious, consciousness is the means to clear it. Paying one’s karmic debt could take lifetimes. In some cultures, when they see someone suffering, they will not intervene as it is seen as the person’s opportunity to pay their debt. To transcend one’s karma requires a person to lead a completely spiritually–directed life. You have to rise above the mundane world, where the karma plays out, and achieve a relative safety by staying removed from the messy reality of relationships and other worldly participation. It can be done though, through meditation, ritual and chanting. For me, that has felt like a blocking out of information, as I was taught to always turn towards difficult information and face it directly, rather than get away from it. My method transmutes karma. 

Examples of Karmic Patterns

For one client, they had broken the same ankle/lower leg 3 times, nearly on a yearly basis. For me, I noticed karma around cars. I would think I was making a new choice but continually buy an old car that was slightly off-the-road and that no one else would touch with a barge pole! Furthermore, I would routinely have punctures and accidents involving the road-edge, rear wheel. This went as far as running over a beloved dog in very slow motion. Another time, the whole axel and wheel broke off in that quadrant. 

Using A Pendulum To Transmute Karma

When you have noticed a recurring pattern, you can hold a pendulum aloft and start it spinning gently in a clockwise direction. Out loud, or in your head, set the intention: Please clear the karmic relationship I have with...
When the pendulum slows, other aspects might have occurred to you and you can set the pendulum off again to clear those. You might also have a phsyical response like a yawn or partial yawn or a twinge in the part of your body where problems have often shown themselves.
If you have had one of those only partial yawns where you begin but don't get a full inhalation, or even if you get no sensations or thoughts as the pendulum swings and then slows to a standstill, still there is more work to do. Maybe frame the next question as: Please transmute any further karma. The intention to hold, when you set the pendulum off this time, is one of self forgiveness. You may find that you have a heavier conscience that you thought and this is a chance to acknowledge mistakes and let them go.  

It is when you are clearing using the pendulum that you are developing your intuition. You can see the karma as an intractable, painful entrapment but you are starting to see ways through it. These are little glimmers of light, thoughts like: Today I have acknowledged the past and realize that it does not need to define my future. It comes later that our intuition and awareness are actually at work: You find yourself facing a decision and you get a flash of perspective and you realize you have several choices not just the one you have made before.

I described karma as being 4th dimension. There is a fifth dimension and sixth and seventh. These are lighter and lighter than the density of the elements and our familiar 3D experience. 

The deal is that you can only make real change, fully heal, actually grow and come to love freely and welcome abundance comfortably, once you are cleared your karma. Before that, you are pinned under an invisible ceiling of habitual, defeated routine both mentally and physically.

That's okay if you always fall on your feet. But either way, it's always worth doing a focused clearing of your karma. It may well be why you came. By this I mean, why you incarnated. I slightly feel that we are here to make amends. 

Another way of looking at karma is the expression ‘What goes around comes around’ so it is also a way of looking at your participation in each scenario. Once you have moved from completely unconscious to completely conscious, it is empowering as you see what massive an impact you have. From helpless victim of circumstance to a life of conscious creator of reality.

The message came to me, for this card, in a certain tense though. It suggests that you are already on to this important mission. You have been breaking free of those unconscious patterns for some time and so I'm hoping this bit of elaboration and clarity will just enhance the process.

All in all, thanks! You are doing a good job!    

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