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If we don't clear the karma, we inevitably recreate the events

Karma = Owning the choices you make

I have remembered something else important about Karma and learnt something new about it too, since my last post. I learnt that it was the Buddha who came to a new understanding of karma. This conclusion was that every man and woman, rich or poor, had the daily opportunity to make moral choices and therefore could take responsibility for creating their own karma. Prior to this, karma was considered a ritual practice carried out by scholarly men with incredible knowledge (they could chant from the scriptures word for word for 3 or 4 hours!) who would be summoned to deal with all matters and transitions of spiritual importance - such as births, deaths and marriages!

Who Will Oversee The Profound Transitions We All Must Make?

I was at a funeral the other day and heard that the priest had visited the man and his family daily for a week before he died. I suddenly thought, who is going to do this for our generation? People signing up for the church and are very few and far between. Who will 'do the honours' next, I asked myself. Or will people just get a perfunctory send off, with no word about the meaning of life and the soul and where it goes? I know myself and one or two others who can hold a space for the soul journey, when incarnated and after death but I don't think there are many of us.

And we don't get paid like the church do, which means that not many people will take it up as a job. I have come to think that pomp work has very little going for it. In fact, in a film last night, the heroine said "the more you care, the more the world throws at you to make you suffer for it". I am hoping beyond hope that people will, like the buddhists, take up the reins on their own soul journey so that they are living on purpose, accruing good karma and dying with dignity and without fear when the time comes.

Energy Clearing, Like I do, To Clear the Karmic Burden

One reason why I have been so interested in everyone else's life and health is that I really believe we are all inextricably connected. Therefore, with so many subdued, mentally and unwell, physically, I decided fifteen years ago to help as many as possible and lighten the wider karmic load!

That is why this card starts with: What you heal for yourself, you heal for the whole world. There is a web of life (Yes, just as it says in the Lion King!) and I feel we need to keep the intentional actions, cultivated, creative thoughts and good vibrations going (Yes, just like the Beach Boys sing about). Compassionate behaviour, where you are sparing a thought for the impact of your actions, resonates out far and wide and benefits the whole planet and its atmosphere.

Has The World Got As Destructive As It Is Now, Before?

 At this point in history it looks like a very dark time. As Freya Lawton, of The Peace Intention pointed out; in the past it was incidents like 9/11 that seemed to happen like abhorrations in an otherwise benevolent society. Download a Free Copy of The Peace Intention Handbook that guides to healing through intention and compassion Now the attacks are the norm, the daily news and you have to look harder for the good. Some people believe we are reaching a crisis, similar to that when we lost ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians who built the pyramids and the Incas who built Macchu Pichu in Peru.

 Destruction Leaves A Residue of Karma

Although we do not know much about Atlantis, it is understood to have been lost under the ocean, following a time of great destructive violence. That far, there is a parallel in that we are facing another chaotic time where the sea levels are rising. This crisis too has been preceded by dark times of war and greed. Every part of history has repercussions and that time of the peaceful society of Atlantis being wiped out, left massive amounts of karma. There are however crystals that can help in clearing it. Why clear it? If we don't clear the karma, we inevitably recreate the events. And we don't want that, do we? Sometimes though, I wonder whether people think forwards to what sort of polluted, inhospitable land we might be leaving for children to manage later.

Can We Think Beyond Our Own Lives and Issues To Those Of Others?

People like to defend their own grievances. I noticed, growing up, that chat shows like Oprah, Gerry Springer and Kilroy were going on. I was always amazed that they never asked any guests, or audiences, to consider a subject other than their own. Parents debated heatedly about parenting, sick people about the health service and so on. They were never asked to apply themselves to anyone else's difficulty, display even basic empathy or brain storm for solutions.

Angel Cards by Healing by Franc - Hard to believe but this whole post is about just one card!

The message of this card is about searching around for guides and tools to help humanity in it's current predicament. Even if you don't know where to start, just reflecting on how others are doing - far and near - will lead to different choices, less anxiety and more generosity and empathy. And yes, you know that I mean not just other people but other animals and living things in total, like plants and fish and water and air particles. We have got to look after this place!

At the end of the card message,  it reads:

"As you laugh, as you cry, you are transmuting karma. It is like the sun and the rain, do not take it personally."

I believe that if you allow yourself to care you become a channel for energy and love...Yes a little anger and grief can trip you up sometimes but even then you are becoming an opening, a softening of the karmic chains, through which blips and other more significant shifts and changes can happen. Sure, we might even save the planet or expose those who would have us in those chains...or both!

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