Monday, October 9, 2017

Dodging the surveillance and poisons of Irish Society

As we are subjected to mass surveillance and mass poisoning by the food, technological and pharmaceutical industries, it may be time to take matters into our own hands.

For me that means leaving all electrical items outside the room I sleep in, getting up early before the madness kicks in and doing a half hour of meditation, half an hour of stretching and an hour of writing - setting your own agenda for what to write about.

The book The Artist's Way says to follow a stream of consciousness or vent your unconscious anxieties. Stephen King got 2000 words done every morning and I think he has had 50 of his books made into films!I Sometimes I'm creative and sometimes I write a letter to an editor somewhere about compassion, peace or justice and see if they'll print it. I gather that they want pieces approximately 38 words long!! Sound bites I suppose. I am not a woman of few words though, so I may struggle to fit their criteria any time soon!!

Then there's surveillance, cover the camera on your laptop as I gather even Facebook is reading your mood and matching it. If you think how dead pan one is, in front of a screen, they're literally bound to send you more depressing stuff!

And don't get me started on food. Eat at least 50% raw - fruit, nuts, salads, julienned vegetables. Put a dressing on. Wash the chemicals and coatings off everything, using something astringent (ike vinegar) or peel it. Only eat the peel of organic produce as that has some of the nutrients in it, none of the toxins and must have been left to ripen naturally, not gassed in some warehouse.

Keep everything plant-based. Where L'oreal says Because You're Worth It!! I would say none of us are worth it, even put together. I feel you have to contribute consciously and with consideration to be worth it. Until then, we cannot justify 'farming' other anialmals.It is not a given that a human life is worth more than a cow's, calf, pig, sheep, lamb or chicken's. I'm glad I brought upt L'oreal. They test their products on thousands of animals, including toxicity test which involves increasing amounts of a substance until it causes blindness, death etc.

Learn how to clear your energy, so you don't get bogged down by external matters, you will always have a point of reference. It might be tricky to achieve but don't spend too much time in built up areas. Going from Harmony Hall, to Dublin, to Valentia, to Dubin, to London, to a Cul de Sac in Suffolk and then Oxford and out into the senses have woken up to differences in water and air quality. Take none of it for granted, particularly your own health and your mental health! Also be happy. As the Desiderata says, 'even with the aridity and disenchantment, it is still a beautiful world' oh yes and 'go placidly amidst the noise and the haste and remember what peace there may be in silence' infact, I know the whole thing so I had better stop there!!

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