Saturday, April 4, 2015

Letter to Minister For Agriculture to ask for him to intervene on the Dog Shelter Tender and Animal Welfare in General

Dear Minister,
I note that you have not had a chance to reply to my last message. I would like to point out the simple maths. If you don't pay the public contracts to the shelters, like the one below, local authorities will have to pay the ACS for every horse in there.
Kilkenny council pay 980 euro for each horse the ACS Animal Collection Service - Four Seasons - take away.

In court last week, PAWS Animal Shelter who take care of another 100 animals was held accountable for a minor dog bite, by a dog that was no longer in their care and had been rehomed 6 months previously. They have been fined €7,500 and this is a financial crisis too as they already manage personal loans of three times that figure in their attempts to offer food, basic care, veterinary treatments and spay/neutering to dogs before they rehome them. The local authority pound would become responsible for those dogs again, if the shelters are made bankrupt and weren't there. The ACS would profit again from disposing of the animals for the council.

In conclusion, please make sure that court decision is overturned as it would be a disastrous precedent for animal welfare organizations to be penalized and the people who neglected, surrendered, or owned the dogs at any point to be unaccountable. Also please make sure that Four Seasons Promotions - trading as acs do not get the Carlow Kilkenny Dog Shelter or other local authority pounds or horse disposal contracts. Four Seasons have already snatched and killed 34 horses in Kilkenny this year - 8 last week on Mansfield Park, where there is a planning application for housing. 

I guarantee that all healthy horses and dogs will be rehomed  and we will get into every school in the country and educate on responsible pet ownership and stop the tide of unwanted animals. Your responsibility, dear minister, is to make sure the public money and contracts go to the carers (PAWS, ASH, DOG Trust, MADRA, Healing by Franc etc etc etc and not the killers. Right now, Four Seasons Promotions - trading as ACS are dominating the Animal Welfare situation. They are scooping up all the contracts, have no welfare, care or re-homing policy and no educational capacity to improve things for the future. 

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