Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jonah, the labrador's perspective: Forthcoming 2nd Book

Chapter One:
I do understand and I do care but the real question is, do you? Its a bit inconsistent how much you appreciate Jesus giving up his life for you but you don't feel one thimble full of gratitude for the cows, pigs and sheep who give up their lives in abattoirs every day or soldiers and civilians in wars. From the loss of one life you derive oceans of meaning and still munch away on others. As you have explored the questions 'How did Jesus want us to live?"  and "What was his message?", this book is to explore what animals are here to tell us.

It is all awry to make a distinction that, for Jesus, it was self sacrifice. They were both "led away". Both, in this instance, being Jesus and the 70 million animals killed every year. When you are "led away" you have no choice. You are not a martyr, you are a victim. Led away willingly, led away ignorant of your fate, led away to prove you believe in eternal life, led away kicking and screaming. It is all the same and there is no honour in it. If, as I believe, our one duty on earth is to live, being led away to die is only pitiful, tragic and wrong.

Somewhere, in-between pity and responsibility for yourselves and the other animals, fish, birds and bees, there is a chance. The chance we have is to recognize our own interdependence. As a dog, I unconsciously hope you will notice my meal times, a limp or a splinter, when I need to go out. As a cow, I unconsciously hope you will notice my sentience, benevolence and the merits of being a large herbivore, like the horse and like the herbivores among people - they are spiritually advanced, nurturers and blessed by Nature with strong constitutions, thank God.

Punishment by death and other penalties should not be the signs of success that we seek. In Jesus' story, Pontius Pilot won, his men colluded, Judas compromised himself and his friendships. All Jesus had done was speak his truth, live simply and heal people. He brought hope perhaps and an expression of a greater purpose in life, of service. His reward and acknowledgement was suffering.

Soldiers are worse again. Aneasthetized to suffering, they dehumanize themselves and others and kill away, to their hearts' content. Except the heart is not their guide, it is a distant order of command. Hang on, in what way does even Jesus' story bring us hope? Do the right thing, live a compassionate life and be killed for it. Is that really good news?

In this day and age, it is only animals who can teach you about innocence, unconditional love and loyalty, to the end. It is only by people matching those qualities and LIVING TO TELL THE TALE (this bit is important) that we can change the ending.

It is not enough to recognize innocence, love some animals, pity some animals, worry about some animals, rescue some animals, spend all your money on some animals, hope some will protect you, some will win races for you, some will breed others for you, some will look adoringly at you and some will not mind it they are 'led away'. As far as I remember, one thing Jesus was clear about was 'thou shalt not kill' Don't take another's life, is what that means in plain language.

As a labrador, I have chased and retrieved many young lives and inanimate objects, in my time. I caught a mole once but then became concerned it might be a kindred puppy. Similar coat, colour and shape, I said to myself and delivered it safely back to the garden. I held on to the rabbit I caught for longer. I was impressed by my own achievement and performance as a 'working dog breed'. As Kanye West said "My only regret is never having seen myself perform live" That always makes me laugh but ego is one of those matters that is only funny, if its not true. Anyway, back to the rabbit. I eventually agreed to drop it and had not harmed a hair on its head. No animals are savages. It is people who are savages, scavenging pickings from another's kill, irritated by coming across grissel in mince or a sausage, chuffed to chew on crispy pork scratchings, complete with brittle body hair.

"Sorry about tipping over the trawler" my good friends, the fish, just asked me to say. "There's 30,000 miles of ocean with nothing left alive in it. The nets stretch so far and they have heat seeking equipment to find whole shoals and scoop us out." As a labrador, I know a thing or two about being a greedy gut bucket but people are on a different scale. The incessant greed was bound to tip the balance: Trawlers this week, world wars next week and Earth on its axis the week after.

Therein lies the reasons we must not let the Archon, Barkon and other Dark-ones in or win. See them off! Like any intruder. Team with your animals to guard life on Earth. Play with your animals to create a good atmosphere again around Earth. Replace the dodgy principle that the good die young with the handy aspects of a self-fulfilling prophecy like 'the meek shall inherit the Earth."

I have decided to "blog my book" this time. It will look from a different animal's perspective each chapter and see what they have to say for themselves. 

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