Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Live and let live! Healing by Franc is doing the Stop The Slaughter Fast on 2nd October!

I'm doing this fast on the 2nd October, if anyone would like to sponsor me? Think I should make it a fundraiser at the same time! I have set a bit of a target to stop the slaughter of farm animals. The government are helping by penalizing farmers every step of the way with tests and fines and devaluing animals. Yes, on top of the killing, secret brutality and terror which doesn't really value them you've got to admit, the Department of Agriculture are technically devaluing them too, by standing by while the farmers receive 40% less per cow at the factory, than they did last year. While we have such disillusionment on our side, I'm going to be sussing out the grants and tax breaks for crops and natural farming methods (non spraying) and see if we can turn some farmers to growing something sustainable. Ireland spends 850 million euro on importing feed for their cows each winter. It just doesn't add up to a good industry on any level, economy or, ethical. You know how much I like my avocados, Bute Island vegan smoked cheese, Plamil egg free mayonnaise and home grown tomato sandwiches on the hour, every hour?! Well, on that day, I will be going on hunger strike. A protest fast like Gandhi did more than twenty times in his lifetime.
I was also looking up pigs. They have an energy and heart too. A heart so similar to a human heart actually that transplants are regularly considered. A 75kg pig has the same heart rate and capacity as a 75kg person. They also have the same membrane around their hearts as we do. Some sick loonies have bred human genes in to pigs and bred out some pig genes, to lower the rejection likelihood of a donated heart. Lets have a think about donations… do we usually say we've 'donated' something when our throat is cut to take it off us? Not on the whole I would say. You cannot be passionate about life and take another's.
Each animal has a symbolic meaning. The pig, brilliantly, can lend us the power to respect each other and be mentally independent. They have the very energy we need to facilitate a quick turn around by farmers and consumers too. Who knows how it can happen. But it can happen. Living harmlessly is the way forward. I also looked up the meaning of Mink. This was having heard that 45,000 Mink are killed in the local Portlaoise Fur Farm every year. It read that Mink energy gives us the power of silent observation. The first observation I was read was chillingly true:
"Deep, old magic of the dark
Warrior balance of the light,
Teach that evil lies within,
Never in the day or night"

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