Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lets stay focused on peace ... but make sure that all parties are really truly keeping the cease fire as we go along!

It seems a bit unfair to me that FInland has given over 2 billion to third world countries, over 1 billion to join Europe and now finds itself 4 billion in debt, themselves. Its easy for us and central Europe to say, Right! no trade with Russia as of now but for the Fins, they are their immediate neighbors. Half their business is not allowed to happen, at the stroke of a pen, by someone whom it does not affect at all! Its like boycotting England at the drop of a hat…very difficult to do - whether we're thinking food, motor or any other industry. Also all their energy comes from Russia and they basically share an air space, so lets spare a thought for those directly affected by the grim developments, military operations and New World Order being played out around the world. Lets make sure that all of Europe is looked after. Ireland has been on the periphery before and it wasn't a nice feeling. At this precise moment, though, I think Ireland is a very blessed distance from strife - except for the one family made homeless every day, poverty, political unrest, environmental ignorance and long-standing, underlying cruelty between people and species. It really is a walk in the park in comparison to what some nations are going through.
I have always called my blog 'Peace, the final frontier' but at the moment, I think its important to have quite an active awareness of what is happening, rather than a totally Zen perspective. A great example, again, is my own beloved city Kilkenny. On the one hand, we won the great Tidy Towns nation-wide competition this week. On the other, the council (and the contractors doing their dirty work) are behaving like teenage boys who've been grounded. Straight out the window, defying authority, not accepting any responsibility. Lying in court about expenses. They were ordered by the high court to stop work on the motorway bridge over the river Nore, last week, and every single day there's been someone into the site anyway, some lorry in, edging the project forwards regardless. So contrary are they, that the very day of the injunction, they continued to trundle their machinery around in the river until half past 7 at night! The dark side, which includes greed and the use and abuse of people, is obstinate. It is always still seeing what it can get away with. That is why we have to monitor, record and stay vigilant. So don't give in to fear, war, despondency, random laws, guarda threats and imposed taxes, pylons and food sprayed with chemicals way beyond your worst nightmares. This is our chance to take the power back!

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